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520 Nightmare of Eden: Part Three

EPISODE: Nightmare of Eden: Part Three
TRANSMITTED: Saturday 08 December 1979
WRITER: Bob Baker
DIRECTOR: Alan Bromly
SCRIPT EDITOR: Douglas Adams
PRODUCER: Graham Williams
RATINGS: 9.6 million viewers
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who - Nightmare of Eden

"It wouldn't have mattered much, since you're going to die anyway. Trafficking in drugs is punishable by death on Azure!"

Romana & The Doctor hide inside the Eden projection, accessible because of the lack of a key component in Tryst's CET Machine that restricts access to and from the projection. They confront one of the creatures seen on the ship and are saved by Stott, the missing member of Tryst's expedition who has been hiding in the recording. He is a major in the space corp tracking the drugs. Stored in the CET machine the Vraxoin is undetectable. Stott knows the source is somewhere in Eden but can't find it. They escape to the power unit where they meet K-9 who tells them he has seen five of the monsters which Stott calls Mandrells. The Mandrells run amok in the ship to the drugged Rigg's amusement. Tryst tries to persuade Fisk to tranquillise the Mandrells but Fisk orders them killed. The Doctor dispatches his friends on vital tasks while he remains in the power room. While alone he is attacked by a Mandrell. The Mandrell strikes a circuit bank and is electrocuted, reducing it to a pile of Vraxoin, revealing that they are the source of the drug to the Doctor. Romana tells Rigg that the Doctor is about to separate the ship but he, now addicted, demands Vraxoin from her and attacks her, preventing her from activating the power. She is saved by Fisk who tries to arrest her, threatening to shoot if she touches the controls. At the appointed time she activates the drive system and the ships begin to separate but the Doctor, fleeing the power room, fades away.....

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There's a lot of running around manically in this episode, but the plot does move on with this missing member of the expedition being revealed and the Doctor putting his plan into action to separate the ships. The end of the episode, as the Doctor fades away, is rather odd as it's just not clear what's going on, but is a better use of the new video effects than the previous week.

Some of the cast of this story are known to us from previous Doctor Who tales: Geoffrey Hinsliff, playing customs officer Fisk, was Jack Tyler in Image of the Fendahl. He'd been in UFO Confetti Check A-O.K. as the Hotel Clerk and I, Claudius as Rufrius in Fool's Luck but is best known for playing Don Brennan in Coronation Street.

3a Fisk 3b Costa

Playing Fisk's partner Costa is Peter Craze, the brother of Michael Craze, who played former companion Ben Jackson. He has two previous Doctor Who's to his name, playing Dako in The Space Museum and Du Pont in The War Games as well as a pair of Blake's 7s: he was in Seek Locate Destroy as Prell and Sand as Servalan's Assistant. He was also in The Professionals episode Heroes as the Security Man.

Playing Stott is Barry Andrews who was in the Roger Moore James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me as a HMS Ranger Crewman.

3c Stott 3w

A number of actors play the Mandrels, who have generally been obscured, partially seen or only shown in darkness. You'd almost think someone wasn't happy with the costume.....

James Muir who had previously been a UNIT Soldier in The Time Monster, a UNIT Soldier in Invasion of the Dinosaurs, a Muto in Genesis of the Daleks, a UNIT Soldier in Terror of the Zygons, a Brother in The Masque of Mandragora, a Death Attendant in The Sun Makers, a Technician in The Pirate Planet, a Druid in The Stones of Blood and a Louvre Detective in City of Death. He then would have been the Man Fishing and a Krarg in Shada, after which he was seen as a Foamasi in The Leisure Hive, a Gaztak in Meglos, a Tharil in Warriors' Gate, the Police Driver in Black Orchid, a Policeman in Time Flight and an RAF Driver in Rememberance of the Daleks. He'd been in Blake's 7 as a Federation Trooper in Seek-Locate-Destroy, a Phibian in Orac, a Rebel in Pressure Point, a Monster in Dawn of the Gods, a Link in Rescue, a Helot in Traitor, a Pirate Guard in Assassin & a Federation Trooper in Blake. He was the Vl'Hurg Leader i episode 4 of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and was a technician in Moonbase 3: Castor and Pollux. He was in The Professionals as a Police Man in Stakeout

Derek Suthern first appeared as a Path Lab Technician in The Hand of Fear returning as a Mentiad in Pirate Planet, a Gracht Guard & Zadek Guard in The Androids of Tara, a Mute in The Armageddon Factor and a Guard in The Creature from the Pit. He's in the enxt story as a Skonnan Guard in The Horns of Nimon and would have made a fourth appearance this season as a Krarg in Shada if that hadn't have been cancelled. That also deprives him of appearances in five consecutive Doctor Who stoies as he then plays a Argolin Guide in The Leisure Hive, the first story of the next season. He returns at the end of that season as PC Davis in Logopolis part one followed by a Cricketer in Black Orchid, a Policeman in Time-Flight, and a Man in Market in Snakedance. In Blake's 7 he was a Federation Trooper in The Way Back, a Scavenger in Deliverance, a Federation Trooper in Trial & Countdown, a Customer / Gambler in Gambit, a Hommik Warrior in Power and a Space Princess Guard / Passenger in Gold. He appears in the Roger Moore James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me as an Atantis Guard and is in Fawlty Towers as a Hotel Guest in both The Germans and

Robert Goodman is on his Doctor Who debut here! He'll be back as a Citizen in Full Circle, a Gallifreyan in Arc of Infinity, a Buccaneer Guard/Wrack Deck Crew/Striker Deck Crew in Enlightenment, a Colonist in Frontios, a Crewmember in Resurrection of the Daleks and a Crew member/Loader / Hyperion III Officer in The Trial of a Time Lord as well as playing Reg in the new series episode Listen. He also was in The Spy Who Loved Me as a Stromberg's Guard, has an episode of one of my childhood favourites Pipkins on his CV where he plays a Dustman in The Sink, is in the Yes Minister episode Jobs for the as Robert the Waiter, A Fish Called Wanda as a Street thug and the new series of Doctor Who as Reg in Listen.

David Korff returns as a Foamasi in The Leisure Hive.

This is, as far as I can tell Jan Murzynowski's only Doctor Who appearance. He was also in Blake's 7 as a Customer / Gambler in Gambit and a Goth Guard in The Keeper, The Tomorrow People as a KGB Man in The Dirtiest Business: A Spy Is Born and The Dirtiest Business: A Spy Dies and the 1979 Quatermass as a Russian Astronaut in What Lies Beneath.

Playing a Passenger/Wounded Passenger is Billy Gray who had been a Bandit in Creature from the Pit. He returns as a Logopolitan in Logopolis. In Blake's 7 he's Customer / Gambler in Gambit.

Onto the non credited passengers. We found Jean Channon last episode courtesy of IMDB but the DWAS Production File lists a few more:

Derek Hunt had been an Atlantean Guard in Underwater Menace, a British Soldier in No Man's Land, British Soldier in The War Games, a Regular Soldier in Spearhead from Space, a Unit Soldier in the Silurians, a Technician in Inferno, a UNIT Man in Day of the Daleks, a Prison Guard in Frontier in Space, a Guard in Planet of Spiders, an Android Mechanic & Android Soldier in Android Invasion, a Bi-Al Member in Invisible Enemy, and a Technician/Guard/Citizen in The Ribos Operation He returns as James the Footman in Black Orchid, a Worthy in Snakedance, a Guard in Planet of Fire and a Time Lord in all 14 episodes of Trial of a Timelord: we know he's an Orange Time Lord in Terror of the Vervoids & The Ultimate Foe so assume he's wearing the same colours the whole story.

Audrey Searle had been Airport Personnel in Plane (Chameleons) in The Faceless Ones.

Judy Rodger was a Golden Age Women in The Invasion of the Dinosaurs. and a Nurse in The Armageddon Factor. She returns as a Middle-aged Lady in Mawdryn Undead. In Fawlty Towers she's Sybil's Friend in The Builders.

Ann Garry Lee I can't find on IMDB but the DWAS production file shows her aappearing as a Lazar in Terminus. I think it's likely that she's the Ann Lee who plays Lucretia Borgia in Shada and a Kinda in Kinda In Doomwatch she was a Secretary in Friday's Child, a Woman in Spectre at the Feast, a Woman in Train and De-Train, a Woman in You Killed Toby Wren, a Woman in Flight Into Yesterday, a Nursing Sister in The Web of Fear, a Woman in The Inquest and a Laboratory Assistant in Cause of Death.

Pat Judge is making his Doctor Who debut. He returns as a Foster in The Keeper of Traken and a man with a metal detector in Resurrection of the Daleks. He also appears in Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. as a Captive and in the Dad's Army film he's a Townsman. In The Sweeney he was the Barman in Big Spender. He's in two Sean Connery James Bond film: Dr. No as Le Cercle Waiter and Thunderball as a Casino Patron. He's also in two Carry On Films: Carry On Jack as a Pirate and Carry On Cleo as a Senator.

Jenny Roberts returns as a Guide in The Leisure Hive, Jay Roberts returns as a Passenger in Time-Flight and Greg Marlowe returns as one of Striker’s Crew in Enlightenment while this is Madelaine Simpson's only Doctor Who appearance.

Now the Crewmen.....

There is a David Cole playing a crewman, but the problem here is we believe there are TWO Davd Coles who have worked on Doctor Who. There is a David Cole who played Billy Clanton in 1966's Gunfighters He was born on April 8, 1936 so, aged 45, is likely to have still been working at this time. During this period there's a supporting artist under this name playing a Crewman in Nightmare of Eden, a Student in Shada, a member of the Pangol Army in The Leisure Hive, a Savant in Meglos, a Citizen in Full Circle, a Kinda in Kinda, a Student in Arc of Infinty, a Schoolboy in Mawdryn Undead, a Mutant in Mawdryn Undead, One of Ranulf's Knights, a Spectator & a Beggar in King's Demons and a Trooper in The Awakening. Some of those could well be the David Cole from the Gunfghters but The Student in Arc of Infnity and Schoolboy in Mawdryn Undead would seem to require a much younger actor and indicate that there is a second one so who knows qute how these roles are split!

Terence Creasy returns as a Young Scientist in Shada and one of Lexa's Deons in Meglos. He was in Blake's 7 as a Kezarn Native in City at the Edge of the World and a Rebel in Rumours of Death. In Hi-de-Hi! he plays Yellowcoat Gary.

Simon Sutton returns as the lookout in Planet of Fire

Mark Kirby returns as Train Guard in Trial of a Timelord: Mysterious Planet. In Blake's 7 he was a Communications Technician / Firefighter in Killer and a Customer / Gambler in Gambit. In Fawlty Towers he's a Hotel Guest in Waldorf Salad.

Sebastian Stride and Eden Phillips also play Crewman but neither has appeared in anything else I recognise.

Onto the Medics:

Reg Turner had been a a UNIT Troop in The Time Monster, a Thal Guard in Genesis of the Daleks, a Technician in Pirate Planet, a Guard in the Armageddon Factor, and a Guard in the Creature from the Pit In Blake's 7 he was a Prisoner in The Way Back & Space Fall, a Federation Trooper in Weapon, Voice from the Past & The Harvest of Kairos and a Rebel in Rumours of Death. He was in Doomwatch as a Man in You Killed Toby Wren, The Inquest & The Logicians. In Monty Python's Flying Circus he was a Pantomime Animal in Blood, Devastation, Death, War and Horror.

Gary Dean was a Technician in The Ice Warriors, a Guard in The Enemy of the World, a UNIT Soldier in The Invasion, a German Soldier in The War Games, a Regular Army Soldier in Spearhead from Space, a UNIT Soldier in Doctor Who and the Silurians, an Earth Control Guard in The Mutants, a Lunar Guard in Frontier in Space, a Spiridon in Planet of the Daleks, a guard in Pirate Planet, and a Technician in The Armageddon Factor. He returns as a Passenger in Time-Flight & a Pallbearer in Rememberance of the Daleks. He was in Doomwatch as a Man in Project Sahara and Fawlty Towers as a Hotel Guest in Communication Problems.

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