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570 Kinda: Part Three

EPISODE: Kinda: Part Three
TRANSMITTED: Monday 08 February 1982
WRITER: Christopher Bailey
DIRECTOR: Peter Grimwade
PRODUCER: John Nathan-Turner
RATINGS: 8.5 million viewers
FORMAT: DVD: Doctor Who - Mara Tales (Kinda / Snakedance)

"Wherever the wheel turns, there is suffering, delusion and death. That much should be clear, even to an idiot!"

A green figure pops out of the box like a jack-in-a-box, causing much humour but moments later the power fails taking the lights with it and the cell door opens. The Doctor's face is bathed in light then he, Todd & Sanders experience a vision of the Kinda people with Panna & Karuna beckoning them to a cave. Taking advantage of the power loss they leave the dome. Now convinced of a threat Hindle has the dome rigged with explosives to destroy it in the event of an attack. The Doctor & Todd encounter the Kinda tribe and then Aris, who empowered by the Mara has become the first male Kinda to speak. Karuna leads the Doctor & Todd away to the cave where Panna lives but Aris follows them and telepathically coerces Karuna to come with them. Adric attempts escape from the Dome using a TSS. The Doctor & Todd experience a vision of time pieces nearing midnight at which point the clocks stop and they awaken to find Panna dead.

My first reaction watching the episode when it first aired was disappointment with what was in the box!

3a 3b

However that's short lived as things then take a particularly odd turn with the shared vision and power failure, which enables the Doctor to escape with Todd.

3c 3e

DOCTOR: I think it's safe to assume we all three had the same experience. How do you feel?
TODD: Fine.
DOCTOR: Not different?
TODD: No. What happened?
DOCTOR: Somehow the box linked us up with the Kinda. We were seeing the world through their eyes.
TODD: It certainly affected Sanders.
DOCTOR: Yes. It's shock. He'll be all right. Come on.
TODD: Where?
DOCTOR: You were right. This is no planet of primitives, and the answer's out there in the forest.

3i 3j

We were a companion down already with Nyssa still in the Tardis, now with Tegan still asleep under the wind chimes for the whole episode and Adric left behind in the dome, Todd assumes the companion role for the Doctor.

DOCTOR: Has anyone ever told you you ask a lot of questions?
TODD: It's my training. I'm a scientist.
DOCTOR: Yes, so you are.
TODD: Well?
DOCTOR: Er, that way.
TODD: Are you sure?
DOCTOR: Come on.

3g 3h

TODD: Which way now?
TODD: Yes what?
DOCTOR: We're lost.
TODD: Where precisely were we heading?
DOCTOR: Well, I thought the cave in the dream.
TODD: Are you sure that exists?
DOCTOR: Oh, absolutely.
TODD: So, where do we go from here?
DOCTOR: Tell you what, toss for it. Heads this way, tails that. Heads.
TODD: Tails.
While they abscond Hindle continues his descent into madness:
ADRIC: I've found Mister Sanders, sir. The others must have left him behind. I've also found the box.
HINDLE: I don't want to see it.
ADRIC: I was thinking, sir, if I could have your permission, that I could go and look for them.
HINDLE: Not outside.
ADRIC: No, but if you thought that I was
HINDLE: It's all in here, you know. Everything. The whole of life. Just a matter of knowing where to look.
ADRIC: I don't know what
HINDLE: Silence!
HINDLE: Listen. You too, old man. Listen. Emergency class 5B. If in the opinion of the officer designated SR security a situation should develop where a threat to the territorial integrity of the dome will, could or might extend to a threat to the security of the home world itself, then Emergency class 5B shall be declared. The procedure, implementation immediate, shall be in two phases. Phase one, the preparation, priming and location of explosive devices sufficient to render the dome and its contents to its base chemical constituents. Phase two
ADRIC: But all I want
HINDLE: Don't you see? Well, then we'll be safe. For ever and ever. Outside'll never get in. Don't you see?

3k 3l

With the dome wired up with explosives, things take an odd turn

HINDLE: I wish to announce phase 5B, defence of the dome, now complete.
ADRIC: What now?
HINDLE: Now? Now we can relax, enjoy ourselves.
Hindle's version of relaxation involves some sort of game involving measuring and cutting. It's not clear what's going on their with that and you'll need to wait till the next episode to find out.

Meanwhile in the forest The Doctor and Todd encounter the Kinda

TODD: Doctor, there's something following us.
DOCTOR: Nonsense.
DOCTOR: There's something following us.
TODD: Come out from there, whatever you are.

3m 3n

TODD: So many of them. They normally only associate in groups of three or four.
TODD: Doctor.
DOCTOR: Culturally non-hostile, didn't you say?
DOCTOR: Yes, we take the point, don't we.
TODD: Yes, the clown stroke jester's a familiar figure, anthropologically speaking. He diffuses a potential source of conflict through mockery and ridicule, don't you.
TODD: Your turn.
DOCTOR: Er, well, I don't really see what I could, er. Wait a minute.
DOCTOR: It's all quite simple, really. Just a, just a matter of practice. Your turn.

3o 3p

All of which goes well till Aris turns up:

3q 3r

ARIS: Stop! Seize them. Seize the Not-we!
TODD: I think he means us.
DOCTOR: I thought you said the Kinda had no voice.
TODD: They don't.
DOCTOR: Well he certainly seems to.
TODD: Look, they're as surprised as we are.
Fortunately they are saved by the arrival of someone they recognise....
DOCTOR: It's the girl from the dream.
TODD: It's ridiculous.
ARIS: I have spoken. The Not-we must be killed.

3s 3t

KARUNA: I must read your mind. You have voice. How can this be?
ARIS: No! Forbidden.
KARUNA: I don't understand.
KARUNA: Yes. It must be so.
KARUNA: The prophecy.
DOCTOR: The prophecy?
KARUNA: Prophecy teaches that at the beginning of things when the Not-we are come, a man will arise from among We who has the gift of voice, and so must be obeyed.
ARIS: I am he. I have spoken. Seize them!
KARUNA: No! Wait. We don't know. Only the wise woman knows. Aris has been sick. Perhaps it's his sickness that speaks. The wise woman told me to bring the Not-we to her cave. This I must do. Quickly, follow me.
DOCTOR: Gladly.
ARIS: Stop them!

Karuna is able to bring the Doctor information on the missing Tegan
DOCTOR: Where are we going? I expect you know these woods backwards, eh? Well, I don't suppose you've come across a young woman?
KARUNA: A Not-we woman with auburn hair?
DOCTOR: Yes, that's her. Tegan.
KARUNA: We've seen her.
DOCTOR: Now, where is she?
KARUNA: She was seen at the place of great dreamings.
DOCTOR: Well, is that far?
KARUNA: We'll take you there later.
She also tells them about Aris, providing some interesting background to the Kinda:
DOCTOR: Come on. Now, this person Aris.
DOCTOR: You said he'd been sick.
KARUNA: His brother is with the Not-we in the dome. It has darkened his mind.
DOCTOR: Yes, but now he can speak. He has voice.
KARUNA: As you heard.
DOCTOR: Yes, but so do you.
KARUNA: Aris is a male. Panna will explain.
DOCTOR: Panna?
TODD: The wise woman.
KARUNA: Aris is one of my fathers.
DOCTOR: Is he? How many do you have?
KARUNA: Seven.
DOCTOR: Seven.
TODD: Seven!
DOCTOR: Isn't that rather extravagant?
KARUNA: Why? How many fathers does a Not-we have?
DOCTOR: Well, on the whole, one.
KARUNA: Only one?
KARUNA: That's very sad.

3u 3v

TODD: So many questions, Doctor.

Todd is rather teasing the Doctor there, remember their exchange earlier?
DOCTOR: Has anyone ever told you you ask a lot of questions?
TODD: It's my training. I'm a scientist.
DOCTOR: Yes, so you are.
Karuna brings The Doctor and Todd to Panna at her cave, where it soon becomes obvious it was Todd she was sent for!
KARUNA: Panna? Panna?
DOCTOR: Such stuff as dreams are made of.
KARUNA: Panna, are you there?
PANNA: Of course I'm here. Where else should I be? Did you bring the Not-we woman from the dome?
PANNA: Where is she? Let me feel her face.... You are welcome.

5w 5x

TODD: Thank you.
KARUNA: There is another.
PANNA: What other?
DOCTOR: Hello.
PANNA: A man!
KARUNA: He was with her.
PANNA: Impossible. Was he present when you opened the box?
DOCTOR: Yes. Most enlightening.
PANNA: What's he babbling about? No male can open the Box of Jhana without being driven out of his mind. It is well known. Unless. Is he an idiot?
KARUNA: Are you an idiot?
DOCTOR: Well, I suppose I must be. I have been called one many
PANNA: Keep silent, idiot.

5y 5z

The news of Aris speaking goes down poorly.

KARUNA: Aris has found voice.
PANNA: So soon.
KARUNA: The others will follow him.
PANNA: It is all beginning again.
DOCTOR: What is?
PANNA: What is? What is? History is, you male fool. History is. Time is. The great wheel will begin to roll down the hill gathering speed through the centuries, crushing everything in its path. Unstoppable until once again
TODD: Until?
PANNA: I must show you. That is why you have been brought here. Then perhaps when you understand, you will go away and leave us in peace. If it is not already too late.
DOCTOR: You said once again.
PANNA: Of course. Wheel turns, civilisations arise, wheel turns, civilisations fall.
DOCTOR: And I suppose this happens many times.
PANNA: Of course. Wherever the wheel turns, there is suffering, delusion and death. That much should be clear, even to an idiot. Now stop babbling and get ready.
PANNA: Are they seated?
PANNA: Wheel turns.
Arid himself then shows up and bends Karuna to his will

5z1 5z2

ARIS: Old woman!
PANNA: Quickly, child. Help me. He must not interfere. You, Not-we woman, stay where you are, with the idiot.
PANNA: What do you want?
ARIS: Listen to me, old woman.
PANNA: No, you listen to me, all of you.
ARIS: I have voice. They know the prophecy. Now they listen only to me.
PANNA: Is that true, child? Quickly, read them.
PANNA: Go on.
KARUNA: I can't. It hurts me.
PANNA: I must know what is in their minds.
KARUNA: Obedience. Obedience. Obedience. Obedience! Obedience! Obedience! Obedience! Obedience!
PANNA: Stop!
KARUNA: Obedience, obedience, obedience.
ARIS: Stop. Come over here, Karuna.
PANNA: Stay where you are. Where are you, child?
PANNA: Please. What are you going to do?
ARIS: We shall destroy the dome. The Not-we must be killed. This is our duty.
PANNA: You fool, you blind male fool. Do you think it ends there?
ARIS: We shall be free.
PANNA: Of course not. It doesn't end there. That is how it all begins again, with a killing. It doesn't end. That ends as it has always done, in chaos and despair. It ends as it begins, in the darkness. Is that what you all want?
PANNA: Who are you?
ARIS: I am Aris. He who speaks.
PANNA: No. No, you are not.
ARIS: Silence. To the dome. I shall return.
TODD: Come on, we must follow them.

5z3 5z4

Panna the provides some explanation of what's going on:

DOCTOR: Did you see the design on his arm?
TODD: What design?
PANNA: The sign of the snake.
DOCTOR: Yes, that's right.
PANNA: It is the mark of the Mara, the evil ones.
TODD: Doctor, I really think we should
DOCTOR: What do you know of the Mara?
PANNA: It is the Mara who now turn the wheel. It is the Mara who dance to the music of our despair. Our suffering is the Mara's delight, our madness the Mara's meat and drink. And now he has returned.
TODD: Doctor!
DOCTOR: I too have heard the legends of the Mara.
PANNA: Help me.
TODD: Doctor, we're wasting time.
PANNA: Yes, yes, you're right. We must proceed at once.
PANNA: Sit down.
TODD: But.
PANNA: No, I must show you. You cannot help without understanding. Don't you see?
And guides the Doctor & Todd towards another vision....
PANNA: And now the Mara turns the wheel of life. It ends as it begins. Pass through. You must pass through
TODD: Look!
PANNA: No harm.
TODD: Tell me it's a trick.
PANNA: Pass through.
DOCTOR: We must do as she says.
PANNA: Pass through.

3z5 3z6

At which point the episode goes mad with images of a countdown to midnight. Warrior's Gate frequently gets accusations thrown at it that it's an 80s pop video, but this is even more so.

TODD: Doctor, look. The cave, Panna, they've disappeared.

3 Dream 1 3 Dream 2

TODD: What's going on?
DOCTOR: You heard Panna. This is the beginning and the end.

3 Dream 3 3 Dream 4

TODD: We must help him.
DOCTOR: We can't.

3 Dream 5 3 Dream 6

TODD: Can't we do anything?
PANNA: It's the end of everything.

3 Dream 7 3 Dream 8

3 Dream 9 3 Dream 10

3 Dream 11 3 Dream 12

3xx 3 Dream 13

You can't help but feel that the wheel that is turning is a clock, with time moving from one day to the next. But apart from that I really don't have a clue what's going on here.
DOCTOR: Did you recognise the laugh?
TODD: Aris?
DOCTOR: No, the Mara within him.
TODD: The Mara caused all that to happen?
DOCTOR: In a manner of speaking.
TODD: Look, was what we just saw the future or the past?
DOCTOR: Both. And now we must get back to the dome, stop the attack.
TODD: We'll never find our way through the forest.
DOCTOR: Well, the old woman must direct us.
Unfortunately back in the real world there's a bit of a shock waiting for them
TODD: Doctor!
TODD: I think she's dead!
Fab stuff, especially the last five minutes even though I've not got a clue what's happening!

Superb performance this episode from Mary Morris playing Panna. As well as appearing as Professor Madeleine Dawnay in one of the very first TV Science Fiction series, A for Andromeda she was a female Number 2 in The Prisoner episode Dance of the Dead. Like many of the older actors in Doctor Who she appeared in An Age of Kings, the BBC's series of William Shakespeare history plays. Whereas many of the actors in this series play multiple roles she however only plays one: Margaret of Anjou, Queen to King Henry VI

C Panna c Karuna

Her assistant Karuna is played by Sarah Prince. She's good for a child actress so it's something of a surprise that he career didn't go beyond the eighties. IMDB thinks she went on to work as an agent.

Adrian Mills, playing Aris, would later be a presenter on That's Life and has gone on to be a Children's TV producer.

C Aris c Trickster

The Kinda Trickster is played by comedian Lee Cornes probably most familiar as Paranoia in the penultimate episode of the first series of Red Dwarf, Confidence and Paranoia. He's got a long history of appearing in 80s comedy featuring in The Young Ones twice as the MC in Cash and Spasspecker in Time. In Blackadder II he's the 2nd Guard in the final episode Chains and in Blackadder the Third he's Shelley, romantic junkie poet in Ink and Incapability. He was a regular in Colin's Sandwich plying Graham in eight of the twelve episodes. He appeared as the barman in Bottom, Oily in two episode of Mornin' Sarge and later as teacher Mr. Hankin in Grange Hill. Cornes now mainly works as a writer and his name frequently appears on Mr. Bean The Animated Series.

Two of the Kinda are being held as hostages in the dome. One of them is Barney Lawrence who had been a Marshman in Full Circle, a Guard in State of Decay and a Foster in Keeper of Traken. He returns as the Male Android Silhouette in Earthshock, Air Steward Dave Culshaw in Timeflight, Tanha’s Bodyguard in Snakedance, a member of Striker's crew in Enlightenment, a Marine Guard in Warriors of the Deep, and a Trooper in Resurrection of the Daleks. He was in Blake's 7 as a Federation Trooper in Time Squad & Bounty, a Guard in Traitor and Zukan's Technician in Warlord.

C Hostage A C Hostage B2

The other Kinda Hostage is Mike Mungarvan who had been a Mutt in The Mutants, a Guard in The Face of Evil, an Outsider/Outcast Time Lord in The Invasion of Time, a Druid in The Stones of Blood, a Gracht Guard in The Androids of Tara, a Dalek Operator in Destiny of the Daleks, a Plain Clothes Detective in the Louvre in City of Death, an Argolin / Pangol Image in The Leisure Hive, a Citizen in Full Circle and Kilroy in Warriors' Gate He returns as one of Ranulf's Knights in The King's Demons, a Soldier in Resurrection of the Daleks, a Jacondan in The Twin Dilemma, an Extra and the Duty Officer in The Trial of a Time Lord, a Lakertyan / Tetrap / Genius in Time and the Rani, and a Policeman in Silver Nemesis. He's also been in the new series once as a Passer By in The Christmas Invasion. He was in Blake's 7 as a Prisoner in The Way Back & Space Fall, an Alta Guard in Redemption, a Customer / Gambler in Gambit, a Helot in Traitor and a Rebel Technician / Federation Trooper in Blake, making him one of the few people to appear in the first and last episodes of that series. He was also in Fawlty Towers as a Hospital Orderly in The Germans, The Sweeney as a Constable in Victims and The Professionals as Will in Black Out.

Onto the rest of the Kinda Tribesmen who appear in force for the first time in this episode. As well as Simon Rouse (Detective Superintendent Jack Meadows in the Bill & Hindle here) and Jeff Stewart (PC Reg Hollis in The Bill & Dukkha in the first two episodes here) a third Bill regular appears in this serial, Graham Cole (PC Tony Stamp), as a Kinda Tribesman. This isn't his first Doctor Who appearance, he was previously in The Leisure Hive as a Zero Gravity Squash Player, Full Circle as a Marshman & Keeper of Traken as the Melkur and would have been in Shada as a young Think Tank Scientist He'll return in Earthshock as a Cyberman, Time-Flight as Melkur, The Five Doctors as a Cyberman, Resurrection of the Daleks as a Crewmember and The Twin Dilemma as a Jacondan. He was also in Blake's 7 as one of Gerren's Associates in Games and a Federation Trooper in Blake. He's hiding at the back right of the picture on the left, but I'm told is more easily spotable in episode four.

c3 1 GC2 C3 2 Charles Gray

Th only other Tribesman I can definitively identify is Charlie Gray, on his only Doctor Who appearance. He appears in Star Wars as an uncredited Imperial Officer during the conference room scene who is later given the name "Trech Molock". He's in the middle of the photo on the right.

The most famous name amongst the rest is actor Glenn Murphy, later to appear as Dibber in the first four episodes of Trial of a Time-Lord and to find fame as George Green in London's Burning.

There is a David Cole is down as playing a Kinda Tribesman. The problem here is there are probably TWO David Coles who have worked on Doctor Who. There is a David Cole who played Billy Clanton in 1966's Gunfighters He was born on April 8, 1936 so, aged 45, is likely to have still been working at this time. During this period there's a supporting artist under this name playing a Crewman in Nightmare of Eden, a Student in Shada, a Pangol Army member in The Leisure Hive, a Savant in Meglos, a Citizen in Full Circle, a Kinda Tribesman in Kinda, a Student in Arc of Infinty, a Schoolboy in Mawdryn Undead, a Mutant in Mawdryn Undead, one of Ranulf's Knights, a Spectator & a Beggar in King's Demons and a Trooper in The Awakening. Some of those could well be the David Cole from the Gunfighters but The Student in Arc of Infinity and Schoolboy in Mawdryn Undead would seem to require a much younger actor and indicate that there is a second one so who knows quite how these roles are split!

Jerry Judge was a Bearer in Creature from the Pit and a Citizen in Full Circle. He returns as a Buccaneer Officer in Enlightenment, a Man at Arms in King's Demons and a Soldier in Caves of Androzani.

Harry Payne had been a member of the Pangol Army in The Leisure Hive and a Citizen in Full Circle. He returns as a Soldier in Caves of Androzani

Ray Hatfield had been previously used by director Peter Grimwade as a Citizen in Full Circle as had Ian Ellis , who plays Trooper Marshall in the location scenes of Earthshock. He had also been in Blake's 7 as a Hi-tech Patient in Powerplay and a Guard in Traitor. A former child actor, he had appeared in The Day the Earth Caught Fire as Michael Stenning.

Timothy Oldroyd had been the Pangol Body Parts & Pangol Army in The Leisure Hive and a Rebel in State of Decay. He returns as a Passenger in Time-Flight, a Vanir in Terminus and an Officer in Enlightenment. In Blake's 7 he was, like Graham Cole above, one of Gerren's Associate in Games.

Steve Whyment had been a Citizen Keeper of Traken and a Security Guard in Logopolis, also directed by Peter Grimwade. He returns as Trooper Brooks in Earthshock and is in the Crowd in the Marketplace in Snakedance. In Blake's 7 he was in Stardrive as a Space Rat, Warlord as a Federation Trooper and Blake as a Plantation Bounty Hunter.

Chris Bradshaw returns as a Terileptil in Time Flight, a Schoolboy in Mawdryn Undead, a Lazar in Terminus and a Young Karfelon in Timelash. In Blake's 7 he is a Passenger in Gold.

Stuntman Paul Heasman is making his Doctor Who debut. He returns as a Plasmaton in Time Flight, Stunt Double for Ibbotson in Mawdryn Undead, Stunt Double for The Doctor & Stuntman/Cyberman in Silver Nemesis, which he was also the Stunt Arranger for, Stuntmen/Haemovores in Curse of Fenric and was Stunt Arranger for Ghost Light & Survival. Blake's 7 he was a Guard in Traitor and in Red Dwarf he did stunts on Backwards and Terrorform.

Paul Baden returns as a Buccaneer Officer in Enlightenment and Laurence Ferdinand later plays a Resistance Fighter in Mindwarp.

Of the Kinda Women Ann Lee played Lucretia Borgia in Shada. In Doomwatch she was a Secretary in Friday's Child, a Woman in Spectre at the Feast, a Woman in Train and De-Train, a Woman in You Killed Toby Wren, a Woman in Flight Into Yesterday, a Nursing Sister in The Web of Fear, a Woman in The Inquest and a Laboratory Assistant in Cause of Death. I think it's likely that she's the Ann Garry Lee who the DWAS Production File says was a Passenger in Nightmare of Eden and returns as a Lazar in Terminus.

Rosalind Kendal also has Doctor Who form, returning as a Citizen/Unbeliever in Planet of Fire

It came to light (via the DVD) that one of the Kinda children in this episode is actor Jonny Lee Miller of Trainspotting and ex-husband of Angelina Jolie fame.

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